Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Community Health Survey and Engagement

Tammy Trujillo completed an internship with the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation where she conducted a conducted a community health survey and engagement.

Participatory Evaluation Project for CAIR by Elizabeth Hunt

Elizabeth Dawn Hunt completed an internship where she created a Participatory Evaluation Project for the Center for American Indian Resilience. 

Designing a Culturally-Responsive Toolkit to Advance Second-hand Smoke Prevention Education on the Navajo Nation by Carmenlita Chief, MPH

Carmenlita Chief completed an internship where she designed a culturally-adapted health education toolkit on second-hand smoke exposure risks for Navajo adults 18-35 years old.

Adult STI Prevention Education in Nogales, AZ by A. Chloe Meltzer, MPH

Alanna Chloe Meltzer completed an internship to increase cultural competency in STI prevention curriculum in Hispanic populations on the US/Mexico border in Nogales. As part of her internship, Chloe was asked to produce this short summary of her findings and recommendations.

The Impact of New Roots on Healthy Eating Habits of the Refugee Population by Abel Kebede

Abel Kebede completed an internship conducting an impact analysis on healthy eating habits promoted by the International Rescue Committee's New Roots Program. As part of his internship, Able was required to produce this short summary of his finding.