Improving Well-Being For Police Violence Victims Through Community Based Support Group by Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson completed an internship with YWCA of Glendale/Pasadena where she created a community, trauma-informed, psycho-educational group for police victims to increase participants self-reported mental well-being and knowledge of trauma in participants.


Internship at South Asian Heart Center by Sukhdev Singh Mann

Sukhdev Singh Mann completed an internship with the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital where he performed many tasks from translating materials to coaching patients.


The basis for vaccine hesitancy in an underserved Hispanic community in Arizona by Wendy Nuñez

Wendy Nuñez completed an internship with the Primary Prevention Mobile Health Unit, in conjunction with Ventanillas De Salud where she conducted a survey to understand the basis for vaccine hesitancy in an underserved Hispanic community in Arizona.



Barriers for Clinical Trial Enrollment in Cholangiocarcinoma Patients by Samantha Pear

Samantha Pear completed an internship in conjunction with The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation to evaluate the clinical trial enrollment and biomarker/molecular testing and the barriers that limit clinical trial enrollment.


Attitudes and Perceptions Surrounding Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccines in Nevada by Frankie Monell

Frankie Monell completed an internship with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Clinical Research Office. Frankie conducted a qualitative analysis of free-text survey responses among the public and care providers to increase knowledge on negative perceptions of vaccines, and recommend changes to implement, evaluate, and expand the survey.


Scoping Review turned Systematic review on Vaccine Hesitancy with COVID-19 vaccines by Sarah Seneff

Sarah Seneff completed an internship with the Alliance for Vaccine Literacy where she conducted a systematic review on Vaccine Hesitancy with the COVID-19 vaccine.


Potential Impacts of a Trauma-Informed Network of Care Closed-Loop Referral System by Vida Sandoval

Vida Sandoval completed an internship with ACE-LA Network of Care, where she explored the potential impacts of a trauma-informed network of care closed-loop referral system on the delivery of social needs services to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in Los Angeles County.


An Overview of Environmental Hazards and Exposure Risks Among Unsheltered People Experiencing Homelessness by Bianca Armenta

Bianca Armenta completed an internship with Hepatitis Education Project in Seattle, WA, where she conducted an overview of environmental hazards and exposure risks among unsheltered people experiencing homelessness.


Implementation of a Resident Advisory Board at South Tucson Housing Authority by Betsy Camara

Betsy Camara completed an internship with South Tucson Housing Authority where she helped build an effective Resident Advisory Board (RAB) to improve communication among staff and residents , empower residents to create change in their community, and build a sense of community at STHA.


Formative Research to Inform Early Childhood Programming in Douglas, AZ by Mariana Felix

Mariana Felix completed an internship with Chiricahua Community Health Centers where she interviewed parents for the purpose of informing early childhood programs.