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With support from the Health Resources and Services Adminstration (HRSA), the WRPHTC has funds to support public health internship projects.

Annual Stipend: $3,500 per student

Number of Stipends Available: 30 stipends


  • Students must be graduate or doctoral students pursuing a degree in a health profession (including psychology, sociology, and social work), or undergraduate juniors or seniors enrolled in a health profession degree program (e.g., public health, psychology, sociology, and social work).
  • Students must be a U.S. citizen, a non-citizen U.S. national, or a foreign national having in his or her possession a visa permitting permanent residence in the U.S.
  • The internship has to include one of the following objectives: (1) support a rural public health agency, (2) address childhood obesity, (3) prevention, management, or treatment of opioid addiction, and/or (4) have a community-based approach to improving mental health of individuals.
  • The internship must meet the requirements for the Council on Education for Public Health Applied Practice Experience, entail 200+ hours of field work, and be completed within one year.
  • The internship must be conducted at public or nonprofit health agencies or other public health organizations, including hospitals, community-based, health care facilities, and non-traditional health care settings including non-profit organizations.


  • You may select and apply for a project advertised on our webpage (in development) or select your own project.
    • University of Arizona students may find projects advertised on the student HUB.
  • Download the internship fund description and application instructions here.
  • Apply for the stipend and project using the application
  • The WRPHTC, with organization representatives, will select the students for the projects and recipients of the 30 stipend awards. Students will be notified of agency/project decisions. Students can still apply for the stipend if they have already been selected for an internship by an organization. In these instances, the WRPHTC will select the students who will receive stipends. 
  • Once selected, the student will then proceed with the documentation required to receive their internship stipend.

Activity Dates



Application Deadline

Notification of Award

Cycle 1

August 15, 2018

September 5, 2018

Cycle 2

December 15, 2019

January 5, 2019

Cycle 3

April 15, 2019

May 5, 2019

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