• Virtual conference: Incorporating Public Health Skills to Improve Quality of Life: Examples from Native American Food Systems
    The Western Region Public Health Training Center is hosting its first virtual conference to bring together public health workers, researchers, and educators to discuss and develop the skills needed to tackle disparities in diet-related disease and food access.
  • Fad Diet Screening Tool Image

    A Fad Diet Screening Tool is presented to help you learn more about identifying and responding to people who may be following unhealthy "fad diets." 

  • Two women walking for exercise outside on a nice day.

    Postpartum weight retention can contribute to lifelong development of obesity and increasing cycles of obesity and diabetes in mothers and children.  This course will review background information on BMI classifications, the prevalence of obesity in women, health consequences of postpartum weight retention, and components of effective community based postpartum weight loss programs.

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