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Student Project Stipends

The WRPHTC provides stipends to support public health and other health profession students conducting public health projects with public and non-profit organizations around the region through support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Stipends are subsistence allowances for students to help defray living expenses while completing their project, and are not provided as a condition of employment, or for tuition, fees, health insurance, or other costs associated with their project. 

Stipend: $3,500 per student.

*A partial allotment of the funds ($2,000) will be provided at the start of the project and $1,500 at its completion when all reports are provided and a video presentation summarizing the project and its outcomes is uploaded onto the WRPHTC website. These funds may be taxable for US citizens and applicants will receive an IRS 1099 form from the University of Arizona.

Number of Stipends Available: 30 stipends


Criteria for Selection:


*In the event that a recipient of this award terminates his or her participation from the program prior to the specified end date, the stipend must be prorated according to the amount of time spent in training, and the award recipient must contact HRSA to discuss options for the remaining stipend funds. 

If you are a student interested in applying for a stipend, please click the corresponding links below.

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