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Survey Purpose 

Identifying the training needs of the public health workforce is essential. The public health field is changing at a rapid pace and its workforce need to keep abreast of current methods used to safeguard communities. Moreover, many professionals in the public health workforce were not formally trained to work in this sector; identifying and meeting their training needs is critical to ensuring public health program effectiveness. The WRPHTC has developed the Public Health Core Competency Self-assessment and Training Preferences Survey (PHCCSTPS) as an online tool for assessing the skill sets and identifying the training needs of professionals working in public health. 

Survey Format 

The PHCCSTPS has two sections. The first asks respondents to identify training interests and preferences. The second asks respondents to self-assess their level of competence on the eight public health core competency domains developed by the Council on Linkages. 

Survey Length 

The PHCCSTPS takes around 30-45 minutes to complete.

Survey Benefits 

Findings from the survey can be used to:

  • Identify whether your current capacity-building efforts are in line with your workforce's preferences and needs
  • Determine training gaps by job tier
  • Inform professional development plans for individuals
  • Inform workforce development plans and capacity-building programs for organizations 
  • Prepare for the Domain 8 requirements for PHAB accreditation 

If you are interested in assessing your training needs, please click the corresponding links below.

For Individuals          For Health Departments