Improving Reproductive Health Among Women in Hawaiʻi Experiencing Period Poverty Through Increasing Health Literacy and Access to Feminine Products by Airabella Molina

Airabella Molina completed an internship with Ma'i Movement Hawai'i where she assisted in providing reproductive health education and feminine products to women and girls experiencing period poverty in Hawai'i.


Key Informant Interviews to Assess Factors Related to Vaccination Among Healthcare Workers in Pima County

Riley Sena completed an internship where he helped code and transform interviews conducted among healthcare workers in Pima County, Arizona, assessing factors related to vaccination.


Quantification of Lead in Charter School Water Samples by Zachariah Bess

Zachariah Bess completed an internship with the Arizona Department of Health, where he tested for the presence of lead in select Charter Schools in Arizona.


Evaluating PrEP use among pregnant and postpartum adolescent girls and young women by Nehaa Khadka

Nehaa Khadka completed an internship where she evaluated PrEP use (eg. PrEP initiation, continuation, and adherence) among pregnant and postpartum adolescent girls (age 16-17) and young women (age 18-24) in one Cape Town antenatal clinic from an ongoing PrEP-PP study using the HIV PrEP Cascade to inform PrEP programs and delivery in South Africa.


Effects of Previous Burning on California Wildlife Emissions & Smoke PM2.5 Exposure by Sierra Raby

Sierra Raby concluded an internship where she analyzed the impact of repeat burning on population smoke exposure.


Steps to Establish a More Health Equitable Nevada by Tamara Telles

Tamara Tellis completed an internship project where she conducted a health equity needs assessment survey and used the results to design and guide an action plan to improve health equity within the public health workforce statewide.


Construction & Evaluation of the Armenian Surname List by Ani Movsisyan

Ani Movsisyan completed an internship where she created the Armenian Surname List to serve as a valuable tool for epidemiological and surveillance health studies focused on the ethnic Armenian population.


Improving Well-Being For Police Violence Victims Through Community Based Support Group by Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson completed an internship with YWCA of Glendale/Pasadena where she created a community, trauma-informed, psycho-educational group for police victims to increase participants self-reported mental well-being and knowledge of trauma in participants.


Internship at South Asian Heart Center by Sukhdev Singh Mann

Sukhdev Singh Mann completed an internship with the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital where he performed many tasks from translating materials to coaching patients.


The basis for vaccine hesitancy in an underserved Hispanic community in Arizona by Wendy Nuñez

Wendy Nuñez completed an internship with the Primary Prevention Mobile Health Unit, in conjunction with Ventanillas De Salud where she conducted a survey to understand the basis for vaccine hesitancy in an underserved Hispanic community in Arizona.