Evaluating the Potential to Instigate a Health Neighborhood Model for Pima County’s Justice-Involved Population by Rachel Gildersleeve

Rachel Gildersleeve completed an internship with Pima County Health Department where she investigated the potential to instigate a community of practice focused on the justice- involved population in Pima County.


Reducing Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption During the First 1000 Days

Lucy Braid completed an internship with Columbia University Medical Center where she conducted a qualitative study on reducing sugar-sweetened beverage consumption during the first 1,000 days.


Understanding the Health of the Community in 13 Villages in Chuuk, FSM by Sairel Labasan

Sairel Labasan completed her internship with Chuuk Community Health Center, where she reviewed the survey design, results, and implications of the 2018-2019 Chuuk Community Health Center’s Household Survey.


Arizona Title V Needs Assessment: A Focus on Rural Youth

Abby Welter completed an internship with the Arizona Department of Health Services where she assisted with a State-wide Title V Maternal and Child Health Needs assessment.



Design, Pilot-Implementation, and Evaluation of a Faith-Based (Christ-Centered), Age-Appropriate Physical Activity Program for Adolescent Girls

Erica Aguirre completed an internship with the Arizona Springboard Home for Youth in Crisis Program where she designed, piloted, and evaluated the implementation of a faith-based, age-appropriate physical activity program for adolescent girls. 


A Community Food Bank-FQHCs Collaboration to Increase Farmer Revenue and Produce Consumption in Southern Arizona - Kathryn Faull

Kathryn Faull completed an internship with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona where she focused on a Community Food Bank-Federally Qualified Health Center Collaboration to increase farmer revenue and produce consumption in southern Arizona. 


Sexual and Reproductive Health in Jiangxi Province, China - Winter Tucker

Winter Tucker completed an internship with the Nanchang School of Public Health where she collected data on sexual education programs in rural China and compared data from programs in the United States.


Antimicrobial Stewardship in the State of Nevada - Rachel Kiser

Rachel Kiser completed an internship with the Nevada Public Health Training Center where she developed a statewide intervention plan to combat antimicrobial resistance.


Kellan Flanagan and the Desert Research Institution

Kellan Flanagan completed an internship at the Desert Research Institution where he worked to safeguard the health and well-being of communities vulnerable to extreme heat in the California-Mexico transboundary region.


Hibatallah Eltahir

Hibatallah Eltahir completed an internship to develop trauma- and healing-centered approaches to protect the health of vulnerable populations.