Nevada Public Health Workforce Health Equity Needs Assessment Findings by Carah Solemsaas MPHc

Carah Solemsaas completed an internship project with the NVPHTC where she worked on the Nevada Public Health Workforce Health Equity Needs Assessment.



Arizona End of Life Care Partnership by Alexa Roy, BSN, RN

Alexa Roy completed her MPH internship project with the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership where she sought to learn more about the mental health of older LGBTQ adults, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


HiAP Internship by Mackenzie Abramson

Mackenzie Abramson completed an internship with Green Advantage, The Nevada Office of Minority Health and Equity and The Nevada Public Health Training Center to evaluate the effectiveness of a Pre-Construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment (PCRA/ICRA) certificate program.


Rural Public Health Services Capacity Building Project by Sage Beard

Sage Beard completed an internship with the Nevada Office of Statewide Initiatives where she helped educate policymakers about the need to improve rural Nevada's public health services capacity.

Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza Vaccination attitudes in Pima County, Arizona by Maiya Block

Maiya Block completed an internship where she researched seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccination attitudes among Pima County residents.



Novel Methods for Increasing Engagement Amongst Minority Professionals by Austin Whitted

Austin Whitted completed an internship with the Minority Genetic Professionals Network where he explored new methods and initiatives to increase member engagement. 


COVID-19 Webinar Series by Anna Dobbins

Anna Dobbins completed an internship with the Nevada Office of Minority Health and Equity, where she organized a webinar series on COVID-19 response.


2020 Community Health Need Assessment of Ajo, Arizona

Ariel Tarango completed an internship with Desert Senita Community Health Center in Ajo, Arizona, where she administered a community health needs survey and compiled the data to generate a community health needs assessment.


Strategies to Coordinate Mental Health Care and Reduce Recidivism Among the Chronically Homeless Population in Pima County by Lisa Floran

Lisa Floran completed an internship with the City of Tucson where she worked on a project exploring health and chronic homelessness.


Evaluating the Potential to Instigate a Health Neighborhood Model for Pima County’s Justice-Involved Population by Rachel Gildersleeve

Rachel Gildersleeve completed an internship with Pima County Health Department where she investigated the potential to instigate a community of practice focused on the justice- involved population in Pima County.