Implementation of a Resident Advisory Board at South Tucson Housing Authority by Betsy Camara

Betsy Camara completed an internship with South Tucson Housing Authority where she helped build an effective Resident Advisory Board (RAB) to improve communication among staff and residents , empower residents to create change in their community, and build a sense of community at STHA.


Formative Research to Inform Early Childhood Programming in Douglas, AZ by Mariana Felix

Mariana Felix completed an internship with Chiricahua Community Health Centers where she interviewed parents for the purpose of informing early childhood programs. 


Client Nutrition Education Program Internship by McKayla Leggett

McKayla Leggett completed an internship with the Client Nutrition Education Program at Bristlecone Recovery Center where she educated patients on the basics of nutrition and relevant skills and behaviors necessary to equip them to be successful in managing their diets.

The StandUp Kids Study by Judith Ijeoma Okoro

Judith Ijeoma Okoro completed an internship where she designed interventions to increase physical activity among primary primary school children during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Beneficial Outcomes of Programs Utilized at the Women and Children's Center of the Sierra by Sydnee Franzwa

Sydnee Franzwa completed an internship with the Women and Children's Center of the Sierra (WACCS) where she conducted a survey to determine which services are most beneficial at WACCS.



Addressing the Rise of Diabetes & Obesity in South Asian & Punjabi Communities

A Student completed an internship with the South Asian Heart Center where she worked with the Center’s staff to determine effective outreach strategies for targeted groups.



Academic Health Department Internship by Erin Kenney

Erin Kenney completed an internship with The Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health Academic Health Department, where she created communication graphics for COVID-10 pandemic response. She also collaborated with Graham County Health Department to establish resources for a Senior Resource Guide.


Field Studies Work at Awaken by Kim Sloan

Kim Sloan completed an internship with Awaken, where she assisted with the implementation of Awaken’s strategic plan, evaluated internal communication, and documented best practices in working with survivors of sex trafficking.

Diversifying the STEM and Healthcare Workforce in Northern Nevada with CBESS by Brittney Rosiles

Brittney Rosiles completed an internship with the Community of Bilingual English-Spanish Speakers Exploring Issues in Science and Health (CBESS) Project where she completed multiple tasks involved in gathering and analyzing information and aiding in grant writing.


Evaluation of the Berkeley Food Network’s Mobile Pantry Program by Janis Kim

Janis Kim completed an internship with the Berkeley Food Network’s Mobile Pantry Program where she conducted a program evaluation to asses impact, client satisfaction, and determine barriers and accessibility of the BFN food pantry.