Course Overview

Social media is an ever-growing outlet that allows people to share whatever they would like with others around the world. Organizations are easily able to spread information about any topic to a very wide audience using social media. This can make sharing health resources and information with your community much more simple, reaching more people, and ideally making a greater impact. This training will teach you 6 rules of social media for creating effective posts. You will have the opportunity to practice identifying components of well-executed posts, learn positive ways to interact with your virtual community, and optionally create and share your own social media post.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the benefits of using social media to promote initiatives within your organization.
  • List the 6 rules of posting on social media.
  • Determine the appropriate action(s) to take when interacting with your virtual community.
  • Identify components of social media posts that are more likely to be effective for encouraging people to act.
  •  Construct your own social media post.  

Duration:  ~2 hours

Continuing Education Information: 2.0 Continuing Competency Credits for CHES, 2.0 CPEUs for Registered Dietitians.