Quality Improvement Series: Online

This quality improvement series focuses on different quality improvement topics and uses short instructional videos to illustrate strategies organizations can use as quality improvement measures. Each video is a stand-alone topic that blends with the other topics as an instructional series.

Topics within the series include:
Affinity Diagrams, Histograms, Pareto Charts, Fishbone Diagrams, Brain Writing, Workplace Refocus, Radar Charts, Run Charts, Force Field Analysis, Prioritization Matrices, Scatter Diagrams.


  • Identify various tools that may be used to compare data within your organization.
  • Differentiate between various tools for identifying problems, organizing ideas, and presenting data that can be used in program planning.
  • Describe ways in which you can prevent fatigue in the workplace.

Continuing Education for CHES: 1.5 CHEC
​Continuing Nursing Education Information: 1.63 Contact Hours
Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEU): 1.5 CPEU

Training available on TRAIN.org Course ID: 1045674