Course Description: 

Overdose fatality reviews can be critical to developing expertise on and solutions to the prevention of overdose deaths. This course describes the need for overdose fatality review teams, the general nature of those teams, and factors to consider when developing them. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how overdose fatality review teams are structured.
  • List the types of experts that commonly participate in overdose review teams.
  • Identify the kinds of data measures considered by overdose review teams.
  • Discuss case studies of overdose review teams.
  • Specify the locations of several selected overdose review teams.
  • Identify additional resources for developing an OFR team.

Target Audience:  Law enforcement professionals, Healthcare professionals, Community services professionals

Course Duration: ~ 45 minutes

Continuing Education Information:  0.75 Continuing Competency credit for CHES