Several women’s health conditions are common, but they do not have to be because they are treatable or preventable. In this webinar Dr. Sandra Combs, Psychiatrist at COPE Community Behavioral Health Services in Tucson, Arizona, explores the causes and symptoms, evidence-based screening recommendations, treatment options, and tips for preventing or reducing the severity of depression. This information can help you improve health among women in your community. 
Learning Objectives

  • Define depression, how common it is, the different types, signs and symptoms, causes, and what can make it worse
  • Describe who needs to get screened and when, how the screening is done, what are the treatment options, and where are some places to get help and the costs 
  • Explain how to reduce or help prevent depression
  • Express how depression can affect the family and what to do if a loved one is depressed

This training is available in English and Spanish.

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