Course Description

This toolkit is designed to introduce new and existing local board of health (LBOH) members to the nature of public health practice, and what role they can play in improving their community's health - even without a LHD. As one of these systems, it was determined that officials in Nevada could benefit from having access to training resources that are relevant to their local public health system, and thus has provided the context for the examples provided here. This series of short videos will introduce LBOH members to various topics, and then suggest additional resources they may access for more information. The topics covered here include: 

  • The Six Functions of Governance from the National Association of Local Boards of Health
  • Types of statewide public health systems
  • Types of organizations that might be included in local public health systems
  • Nevada Revised Statute as it pertains to rural and frontier LBOHs
  • Community health needs assessments
  • Community health improvement planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Quality improvement

This training consists of nine training modules/assessments and one feedback evaluation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic purpose and responsibilities of local boards of health (LBOH), including those who do not oversee a local health department
  • Understand the types and differences among statewide public health systems
  • Understand the broad range of activities in which LBOH members may engage to improve community health
  • Apply knowledge to engage all appropriate stakeholders in public health initiatives 

Duration:  Approx 1.5 hrs

Continuing Education Information:  None available

Created/ Updated: 7/2018

Authors:  Valerie Cauhape, MA, MPH, Kelly Morning, MPH

Presenter: Valerie Cauhape, MA, MPH

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