The California Public Health Training Center (PHTC) is located in the California Statewide AHEC Program and is part of the Western Region Public Health Training Center, a HRSA funded program located at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.

The California PHTC is targeting public health professionals in the most rural areas of the state, northwest and northeast, central coast, Inland Empire, southeast and the Central Valley of the state. Each participating AHEC center is experienced in delivering continuing education to practicing public health professionals working in community clinic and health centers, hospitals and public health departments. We plan to bring public health education to the rural areas via distance learning modalities-both synchronous and asynchronous and in limited area in-person trainings. Although we are targeting rural public health professionals, we will also provide access to trainings for urban practitioners.

We will employ the CA TRAIN system to register participants and provide trainings, many through the Regional PHTC. A needs assessment will inform the trainings offered and the preferred vehicle for the trainings.

We currently train, and will continue to train health educators, community health workers and others working in community clinics and health centers, hospitals and other community sites about outreach and enrollment for the State's health insurance exchange (Covered California).

The California Statewide AHEC (CA AHEC) is a forty-four year old HRSA funded program with 13 community based centers located throughout the state. The CA AHEC mission is to improve access and quality of health care for medically underserved communities in the state. We use academic-community partnerships to educate underrepresented minority students about health careers in an effort to bring more health professionals of color to the state; to provide community health training experiences for health professions students and residents in underserved areas; and to provide continuing professional education to practicing health professionals in underserved areas.

For more information, please visit, or contact Brenda Mitchell at 559-241-7650.


California Public Health Training Center


The Arizona Public Health Training Center is proud to offer the online version of our face-to-face course Public Health Essentials In Action.

The Western Region Public Health Training Center has created this course comprised of videos covering a variety of topics related to quality improvement.

It is a new dawn for public health in the United States. As you may know, the public health system is currently undergoing a very rapid change in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the epidemiological transition occurring in our Nation. At the same time, the public health workforce is aging and an expected 250,000 positions will need to be replaced by 2020.


Find where you fit in and why you are essential to Public Health.

Learn techniques and methods to convey information, and increase productivity with our Quality Improvement Series.

This four session, interactive webinar series brings together national leaders in nutrition, exercise and bariatric medicine who will address what is needed to have a successful weight loss and management program for children and adults in family and community practice settings. The series will start with a presentation and discussion on dynamic energy balance, an important new perspective on what metabolic changes occur during weight loss and how these changes have to be taken into account as part of a weight loss program. The second session will focus specifically on exercise and energy expenditure and weight loss. The final two sessions will present pediatric and adult case studies to highlight the promoters and challenges that lead to successful patient care, in regards to weight loss and maintaining weight loss.