For Organizations

The Arizona PHTC (AzPHTC) invites all public, nonprofit and private health organizations and agencies in Arizona to submit internship project opportunities for our graduate students. AzPHTC will support ten students with a $1000 stipend per student for the internship project.

The internship opportunity submitted will be available to all students in the MPH program at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

Criteria for the project:

  • The project should provide the required minimum hours (depending on the concentration of the student, 270 or 320 hours)
  • It should be related to the focus area of physical activity, obesity or nutrition OR be performed in a rural, underserved area.

Please complete the internship project advertisement template and return to Lubna Govindarajan at

AzPHTC will facilitate an application process in which students will apply for the internship project that interests him or her.  Agency representatives and AzPHTC together will review and choose the student for the project. The student will be notified promptly of the decision and will proceed with the documentation required for all internships and will contact the agency representative specified in the internship advertisement.

Please contact the respective training center in your state (Nevada, California, Hawaii or US Affiliated Pacific Islands) for opportunities to submit an internship project.