For Organizations


The WRPHTC invites all public, nonprofit and private health organizations and agencies in Region 9 (Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawai'i, and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Island) to submit internship project opportunities for our students. The WRPHTC will support 30 public health internships each year. The internship opportunity submitted will be available to all students in Region 9.

Acceptable Projects

Internship projects may include a variety of activities related to the purpose of this award. It is expected that internships will entail 200+ hours of field work.  Preference will be given to an internship in a public or nonprofit health agency or organization, particularly one serving underserved areas and populations, and to work on a discrete public health project. This placement should provide structured opportunities and/or experiences to allow the student to apply acquired knowledge and skills in a public health practice setting. Field experiences are expected to contribute to the mastery of public health competencies, with a focus on balancing the educational and practice needs of the student with the needs of the community. Field experiences need to culminate with a deliverable of a poster presentation or scientific report that must include the following sections: abstract, introduction, methodology, findings, conclusions and discussion.  Additionally, the WRPHTC will require a 5-minute video that summarizes the projects and its outcomes which will be available to the public on the WRPHTC website. These deliverables need to be shared with the WRPHTC and HRSA.  A list of potential projects requested by public health agencies is also listed on the WRPHTC website.

If you are an agency interested in submitting an internship project opportunity, please complete the advertising form here.

The WRPHTC will facilitate an application process in which students will apply for the internship project that interests him or her. Agency representatives and representatives from the WRPHTC will review and choose the student for the project. The student will be notified of the decision and will proceed with the documentation required for all internships and will contact the agency representative specified in the internship advertisement.