Nevada Toxicology Needs Assessment by Tyler King

Tyler King completed an internship with the Nevada Overdose Data 2 Action (OD2A) where he created an assessment and compiled recommendations for Nevada's Toxicology and Overdose Surveillance System. 


Evaluating Impact on Student Certified Application Counselors Participating the SHARE Program by Heather Kenning

Heather Kenning conducted an internship with the SHARE program where she assessed the outcome and impact the program had on Student Certified Application Counselors.


Integrating Acupuncture in a FQHC by Amy Truong, DTCM, L.Ac

Amy Truong completed an internship with AXIS Community Health where she reviewed patient/provider surveys, patient health charts, and conducted a cost-benefit analysis to assess the outcome of an Acupuncture program based on the Quadruple Aim.


Fostering Community Engagement Through Development of Outreach Materials for Primavera Community Garden by Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller worked with Primavera Foundation Community Garden Program to create outreach materials and develop ways to increase engagement.


An Analysis of Tricare Birth Center Outcomes by Raegan Winder

Raegan Winder completed an internship with the Institute for Medicaid Innovation, Team Arizona Midwifery Collaborative to analyze the outcomes Tricare beneficiaries who recieved care in a Birth Center.


Bedtime Screen Use & Sleep by Joanne Yang

Joanne Yang completed an internship with the UCF Nagata Lab where she worked on the ABCD Study to examine how bedtime specific screen use behaviors can be related to sleep outcomes in early adolescents.


Improving Reproductive Health Among Women in Hawaiʻi Experiencing Period Poverty Through Increasing Health Literacy and Access to Feminine Products by Airabella Molina

Airabella Molina completed an internship with Ma'i Movement Hawai'i where she assisted in providing reproductive health education and feminine products to women and girls experiencing period poverty in Hawai'i.


Key Informant Interviews to Assess Factors Related to Vaccination Among Healthcare Workers in Pima County

Riley Sena completed an internship where he helped code and transform interviews conducted among healthcare workers in Pima County, Arizona, assessing factors related to vaccination.


Quantification of Lead in Charter School Water Samples by Zachariah Bess

Zachariah Bess completed an internship with the Arizona Department of Health, where he tested for the presence of lead in select Charter Schools in Arizona.


Evaluating PrEP use among pregnant and postpartum adolescent girls and young women by Nehaa Khadka

Nehaa Khadka completed an internship where she evaluated PrEP use (eg. PrEP initiation, continuation, and adherence) among pregnant and postpartum adolescent girls (age 16-17) and young women (age 18-24) in one Cape Town antenatal clinic from an ongoing PrEP-PP study using the HIV PrEP Cascade to inform PrEP programs and delivery in South Africa.