Developing a Shared Measurement System to Understand the Impact of a County-wide Health Initiative

Auralia Walls completed an internship with Cochise Building Healthy Communites where she developed a shared measurement system to understand the impact of a county-wide health initiative on Diabetes and Obesity.

The Nevada Gender Clinic - A group internship project by University of Nevada, Reno Students

Students from the University of Nevada, Reno, have completed a group internship project creating the framework and model for a gender clinic that provides gender-affirming medical, behavioral, and social services. Members of the group are: Axenya Kachen, Christopher Sanchez, Clarice Ho, Erika Thys, and Spencer Trivitt.

Qualitative Study of Shared Sanitation in Jharkhand, India by Michaela Kupfer

Michaela Kupfer completed an internship with Sanitation and Health Rights in India (SHRI) where she conducted a qualitative research study aimed at understanding the role of shared sanitation facilities in Jharkhand, India.

Improving Access to Epinephrine Auto-Injectors in Maricopa County Schools and Restaurants by Sue Kim

Sue Kim completed an internship with Kyah Rayne Foundation where she explored ways to improve school and restaurant access to Epinephrine auto-injectors.


College Students' Stories of Accessing Mental Health Resources by Sarah Hartzell

Sarah Hartzell completed an internship with NAMI Northern Nevada where she explored college students' access to mental health resources and their suggestion for improvements.


Evaluation of a Cross-Jurisdiction Collaboration Model During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Miriam Silliman

Miriam Silliman conducted an internship with the San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium where she identified the tangible impacts of a cross-jurisdictional sharing model and determined areas for improvement.


Electronic Dashboard to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Patience with Type 1 Diabetes by Lily Sandblom

Lily Sandblom completed an internship at Phoenix Children's Hospital where she examined the effect of using an electronic dashboard to improve outcomes in Type 1 Diabetes in pediatric patience. 

Perceptions of Opioid Use Disorder and Its Interventions Among Medical Students by Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson completed an internship project where she explored perceptions of Opioid use Disorder and its interventions among medical students.

Using Advanced Dispersion Modeling to Estimate Wildfire Smoke Exposure by Emma Sage

Emma Sage completed an internship with UC Berkeley Health Research for Action where she used advanced dispersion modeling to estimate wildfire smoke exposure for vulnerable communities in California.

Environmental Curriculum by Eliana Blum

Eliana Blum worked with KIPP Schools to develop an age-appropriate environmental curriculum for students.