The Nevada Public Health Training Center's (NVPHTC) mission is to improve the competencies of aspiring and current public health professionals by researching, designing, implementing, and evaluating training programs which target prioritized educational and skill-based needs in the public health workforce. The NVPHTC is housed in the UNR School of Community Health Sciences and works collaboratively with the University of Nevada School of Medicine's Office of Statewide Initiatives. NVPHTC will engage with traditional and non-traditional public health partners throughout the state in order to conduct both online and offline trainings in the key target areas of eliminating health disparities, promoting nutrition and physical activity, and the effective use of behavioral health interventions.



It is a new dawn for public health in the United States. As you may know, the public health system is currently undergoing a very rapid change in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the epidemiological transition occurring in our Nation. At the same time, the public health workforce is aging and an expected 250,000 positions will need to be replaced by 2020.

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Dr. Preston Reynolds, a Professor of Medicine from the University of Virginia and Dr. Mindy Fain, the Co-Director for the University of Arizona Center on Aging provides a webinar on access to health care for the elderly population. This is a moderated discussion between two distinguished professors who have been instrumental in developing the optimal systems for providing care to seniors in the United States. Participants of this webinar were able to submit questions to them during the event.


This four session, interactive webinar series brings together national leaders in nutrition, exercise and bariatric medicine who will address what is needed to have a successful weight loss and management program for children and adults in family and community practice settings. The series will start with a presentation and discussion on dynamic energy balance, an important new perspective on what metabolic changes occur during weight loss and how these changes have to be taken into account as part of a weight loss program. The second session will focus specifically on exercise and energy expenditure and weight loss. The final two sessions will present pediatric and adult case studies to highlight the promoters and challenges that lead to successful patient care, in regards to weight loss and maintaining weight loss.

Dr. Bruce Bethancourt hosts a free webinar discussing the significance in high tech and high touch in transitions of care.

Talk and Discussion with Andy Imparato, Executive Director of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities and nationally known disability policy leader.