Intimate Partner Violence

Course Summary

This training presents information about intimate partner violence and the role of healthcare providers.  The assessment includes a virtual role play, where you will have a chance to apply the knowledge and skills you learned in the training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the definition of intimate partner violence and the types of controlling and coercive behaviors.
  • Identify common medical conditions and clinical signs associated with intimate partner violence as well as behavioral clues of both the patient and the abuser.
  • Develop techniques for effectively screening for intimate partner violence, including responding to disclosures and non-disclosures.

Duration:  45 min

Created: 1/2018

Authors:  Judy Hendersen, MEd. Mgt., Sara Hanafi, MPH, Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, Kelly Morning, MPH, Nevada Public Health Training Center

Presenter: Sara Hanafi, MP

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