Six Ways to Think About Your Performance

Course Summary:

This simple tool will help you think about your own performance and how you can improve it. It will help you pinpoint what you may want to ask your employer for as well as what you may ask of yourself. It is useful for troubleshooting and also for planning. This tool has six parts. The first three that you'll learn about are usually under the control of the employer (they are things you may want to ask your employer for). The last three are under your control. We'll take a quick look at all six.

In order to complete the course and be issued a certificate of completion, you must complete the feedback evaluation.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the six ways that employees can reflect on their own performance 
  • Select one of the ways that is most relevant to their own situation.

Duration:  ~ 30 minutes

Continuing Education Information:  None available

Created/Updated:  8/2018

Author(s):  Western Region Public Health Training Center

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