The Four "I's": Building Employee Engagement

Course Summary:

This short course is just for bosses (and those who want to understand them). Decades ago, bosses told employees what to do and employees did what they were told. That model of leadership isn't as effective today. This short training looks at four ways bosses can have influence. The four ways are called the four "I's." You can put them to use in on your job today. The four "I's" were designed to enable managers to help employees go above and beyond instead of merely completing tasks that managers assign. This approach to leadership helps your work group develop their ability to respond to future tasks and needs.

In order to complete the course and be issued a certificate of completion, you must complete the feedback evaluation.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the four I's
  • Assess one's own leadership by using the four I's

Duration:  ~ 30 minutes

Continuing Education Information:  None available

Created/Updated:  8/2018

Author(s):  Western Region Public Health Training Center

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