Food Marketing in the Context of Childhood Obesity Presentation and Webinar Discussion


Course Description:

Professor Dale Kunkel presents compelling research on how marketing is used to reach children as a target audience. The issue, however, is not that children are being targeted by marketing campaigns, but that these marketing campaigns feature unhealthy food choices. Hosted by Dr. Doug Taren.

Learners will gain knowledge about current patterns in the marketing of food to children and the implications of that marketing for obesity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the most common type of food products marketed to children.
  • Be aware of the nutritional content of the most predominant products.
  • Learn the known effects of televised food advertising on children.
  • List what concerns, if any, are raised by children’s exposure to televised food advertising.
  • Consider how effective the food industry has been in improving the nutritional quality of foods marketed to children.

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