Inclusive Just-In-Time Training (JITT) is an online module for public health leaders that describes the framework, methods, and environment of Inclusive JITT. A case study follows Susan, a long-time public health nurse administrator, who receives Just-In-Time Training for a mass vaccination response to a disease outbreak. This case study illustrates the three principles of Inclusive JITT—learning dimensions, learning styles, and cultural context—and describes how local health departments can adopt and use the model to better train their response staff.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define Inclusive Just-In-Time Training (JITT).
  • Describe how to apply Inclusive JITT in a public health response.
  • Explain the importance of incorporating Inclusive JITT into ongoing organizational training and preparedness efforts.
  • Describe how to adopt Inclusive JITT at the local level.
Tier 1: Public Health Professionals
Tier 2: Managers and Supervisors
TIER ONE: Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
TIER ONE: Cultural Competency Skills
TIER TWO: Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills
Run Time: 
Greater than 60 minutes