The Western Region Public Health Training Center to release podcast “Arizona Common Ground,” hosted by Krista R. Cardenas

Master the policy process with Arizona Common Ground (AZCG), as Krista gives a behind the scenes glimpse of the state legislative system to familiarize current and future public health workforce on how health bills can become laws.

Policy is one of the most powerful tools public health professionals have to effect positive health changes at a community level. On April 18, 2019, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed S.B. 1089, a Telemedicine bill that requires private insurers to cover the same services provided through telemedicine as they do through in-person care. Krista followed this bill throughout the legislative process as a graduate student shadowing Senator Heather Carter at the Arizona Capitol to better understand how the legislative system, laws, and processes are carried out. She was part of the stakeholder team on S.B. 1089, where she tracked this bill from stakeholder meetings, language drafting, through the legislature process until it was signed into law.


The podcast Arizona Common Ground (AZCG) came about as a result of this experience, created by Krista to help public health students, health professionals and other citizens interested in health to implement their work at the policy level. We’ll hear personal narratives and case studies from politicians, lobbyists, policy analysts, and public health professors to explore topics and issues that are of great interest to legislators and researchers, and how the public can have a voice in these issues.


“In my experience, I’ve seen a disconnect between public health practice and policy. I think there’s a crucial need to empower students and professionals to engage in health policy. I developed Arizona Common Ground to help address this need by walking listeners through the structure of a bill process so they can see how they can have their voice heard at the Arizona Capitol”, commented Krista R. Cardenas.


AZCG will be available Wednesday, July 3, 2019 through the website of the Western Region Public Health Training Center, as part of its work to provide innovative training to the public health workforce.